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  • Over 30 Million tickets to dirt track races are sold every year.  This is more than NASCAR, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL combined!

  • Dirt Track facilities are in markets covering 90% of the United States.

  • 80,000+ drivers compete on dirt tracks in front of approximately 1.3 Million people every weekend from February through November.

  • $1 Billion per year industry.

  • 96% of race fans will buy or support a sponsor’s products or services. 

why dirt track racing?

Is your company ready to escalate its brand and marketing goals? Dirt track racing offers the opportunity to reach an enormous, highly-engaged audience for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising. 


With our cross-aspect platform, Wicked Cushion offers companies the unique opportunity to simultaneously partner with multiple teams, drivers and properties in both dirt track racing and eSports for extra value.


Leverage your marketing budget with our network and capabilities to create powerful results!

why wicked cushion?

We partner with both top up-and-coming drivers in a variety of regions as well as established teams at the highest levels of the sport. In addition to drivers and teams, we work with established tracks, events and racing series’ across the country. 


By spreading your marketing dollars across the Wicked Cushion platform, we are able to leverage your investment to reach fans in targeted regions through specific properties and on a national scale through our networks. We’re able to expose your brand to a multitude of audiences in dirt track racing in addition to our associated e-sports teams and properties. 


Our dedicated team of professionals has the experience you need to ensure that your company gets the most out of your motorsports marketing partnerships. 

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our Services
  • Direct access to both top-level and up-and-coming drivers within our network 

  • On-site execution or coordination of hospitality events and marketing promotions

  • Access to Wicked Cushion social media accounts and rights to display logo information on Wicked Cushion and other associated websites

  • Production of marketing materials and supporting collateral such as apparel, autograph cards, press releases, team apparel, car and trailer designs, and more

  • Coordination with teams and properties to ensure that the partnership is executed at the highest level


If you’d like more info on partnering within the Wicked Cushion platform and utilizing our services to execute a cost-effective marketing campaign that produces real results, please email Kristin@Wicked-Cushion.com.

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