Drew Neel

37 years old from Newburgh, Indiana has been a fan of motorsports, in particular, sprint car racing for over 33 years.  Drews family, including his two children Danielle and Dylan and have also become fans of sprint car racing.  Drew and his family live conveniently close to Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana, the Terre Haute Action Track and Bloomington Speedway and can be found supporting the various racing classes at those facilities.  Drew has also had the opportunity to travel over the country, attending sprint car races from East Bay Raceway Park to Manzanita Speedway.  Drew has carried his passion for racing to iRacing where he is a top contender in many of the race series he participates in.  Dre can be found driving the iRacing 360 and 410 sprint cars in both the winged and non-wing series.  Drew drives for Tony Stewart Racing and is sponsored by L&S Express and Wicked Cushion and the BRM Holdings family of companies.  During the day, drew works for a leading sporting goods company based in Dallas, TX, where he holds many hats.  Drew is also the lead designer for ONE.IX Design and has designed paint schemes for some of the top drivers on iRacing.

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