Wicked Cushion eSports is a leading supporter of the dirt track motorsports segment of the global eSports phenomenon!  Racing in general is a the beginning stages of growth in eSports and Wicked Cushion is working to be the driving force in this segment. 


Wicked Cushion eSports produces and supports eSports racing teams, racing series, special events, and streaming broadcast networks! 


eSports is a rapidly growing market channel that combined with Wicked Cushions' motorsports activities, provides companies and brands a unique opportunity to reach a larger demographic pool as well as a highly customizable and  engaging experience for customers.

  • Promote 4 to 6 Live Broadcasted Events Every Week!
  • Promote a unique opportunity where eSports drivers can win the opportunity to race a real race car!
  • Support 2 of the most competitive racing leagues in "dirt eSports"!
  • Developing large scale "Live" eSports event for dirt racing that will debut in February 2020.
  • Developed and Co-Sponsor eSports Teams with highly recognized racing celebrities.

Global E-Sports Revenues Are Up More Than 38% Year-On-Year


Global e-sports revenues will reach $906 million in 2018, a year-on-year growth of +38.2%. North America will account for $345 million of the total and China for $164 million

•Brands will invest $694 million in the e-sports industry, 7% of the total market. This will grow to $1.4 billion by 2021, representing 84% of total e-sports revenues.

•The number of E-sports Enthusiasts worldwide will reach 165 million in 2018, a year- on-year growth of +15.2%. The total e-sports audience will reach 380 million this year, a year-on-year growth of +13.5%

•In 2017, there were 588 major e-sports events that generated an estimated $59 million in ticket revenues, up from $32 million in 2016

•The total prize money of all E-sports events held in 2017 reached $112 million, breaking the $100 million mark for the first year.

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