Updated: Jun 21, 2018

UWU Motorsports Joins Wicked Cushion!

Wicked Cushion is proud to announce that it is the primary sponsor for the entire UWU Motorsports racing team. UWU Motorsports, founded by Chris Brenner of Toledo, OH is one of the premier racing teams competing on iRacing. UWU competes in the toughest simulator racing leagues on iRacing. The team is comprised of Chris Brenner, Tim Smith, Max Stambaugh, Michael Sheridan, Chad Miller, Cory Zatynski, Brett Wheeler, KR Stolfus, Anthony Lopresto, John Lopresto, Tom Lewandowski and Brad Spidle. You can find UWU team members racing live on Ultimate Dirt TV. Ultimate Dirt TV live broadcasts can be found on Facebook Live and YouTube. Please join us in welcoming the entire UWU Motorsports team to the Wicked Cushion family!

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