Going Midget Racing!

Northwest Focus Midget Series in 2019!


December 20, 2018, NEW YORK, NY; Wicked Cushion announced today that its Wicked Energy Gum brand and Cognitive Warriors, a Cura Foundation platform, will become the title sponsors for fastest growing dirt Midget racing series in the United States.

The Northwest Focus Midget Series will be titled the Wicked Energy Gum Focus Midgets Presented by Cognitive Warriors in 2019. The series will travel a robust 40 race schedule at 15 race venues across the western United States. The Series has grown to over 50 race teams over the last 4 years, surpassing any other Midget race series in the country and participates at notable feature events such as the World of Outlaws sprint car races at Skagit Speedway and Grays Harbor Raceway.

"We are happy that Wicked Cushion has decided to grow our relationship and we are very excited and proud to have Wicked Energy Gum and Cognitive Warriors as our title sponsors for the 2019 season. Wicked Energy Gum is a great new product and Cognitive Warriors is an important mission and cause. We are extremely happy to be part of both." said Carla Stewart, Series Director

Matthew Henninger stated: “Our relationship with the Northwest Focus Midget Series, was a very rewarding experience this past season! We met Carla & Gaylon Stewart through our involvement with iRacing and have built what I believe to be a great friendship! Nobody works harder at promoting sponsors than Carla and Gaylon and the platform they have built with the Series is really exceptional!”

About Wicked Cushion

New York City based Wicked Cushion is a cross-aspect marketing platform and whose goal is to promote all forms of dirt track racing while helping to support the drivers, leagues, and facilities that work so hard to entertain race fans. The Wicked Cushion platform works to introduce innovative products, brands and companies to dirt track racing and the overlooked value of dirt track Motorsports and eSports.

Wicked Energy Gum is an exclusive brand of Wicked Cushion, LLC and is designed to give you a fast-acting boost of energy whenever you need it most! You only need to chew one piece of Wicked Energy Gum for 5 to 15 minutes to get a great boost of energy and focus! Wicked Energy Gum is sold in packets of 10 pieces per pack and on a “per piece” basis can be better than half the cost of most liquid alternatives.

About the Cura Foundation / Cognitive Warriors

The Cura Foundation is a global health movement with a mission to improve human health and increase quality of life. The Cura Foundation unites doctors, patients, philanthropists and thought leaders in both the public and private sectors to collaborate and create breakthroughs globally.

Cognitive Warriors, a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, tax-exempt (501-c-3) subsidiary of the Cura Foundation, is focused on improving the lives and cognitive health of the millions of men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. Some of these Heroes suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and other debilitating cognitive health issues and it is the mission of the foundation to help find and deliver solutions that can help ease their suffering.

About the Northwest Focus Midget Series (NWFMS)

Based out of Everett, WA, the NWFMS has become the fasting growing Midget racing series in the United States. The series is managed by Carla and Gaylon Stewart, lifelong participants and supporters of dirt track racing. NWFMS cars utilize a standard midget chassis identical to what you would see in the National Series. The difference is that the cars are powered by a 2.0L Ford Focus engine generating approximately 160hp. The Series large car counts and competitive, side by side racing action, throughout the field, produces a great on track product for both the race fans and the track promoters alike


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