New Product launch!

Wicked Cushion is excited to announce that it has developed an innovative consumer product called Wicked Energy Gum!

Wicked Energy Gum was developed as a convenient, great tasting, alternative to energy drinks. Every day we deal with the basic issues of life, and from time to time, we need that extra boost of energy to get us through the day or help us stay focused. Wicked Energy Gum provides a fast-acting, super easy to enjoy, boost of energy without having to carry around or fill up on a bottle of liquid!

Wicked Energy Gum is easy to carry around and can be used anytime all at a cost less than you typically spend on a cup of coffee at you favorite coffee shop!

Wicked Energy Gum helps to deliver a boost of energy up to 5x faster than an energy drink or coffee! Faster absorption means fast action! Studies have shown that our bodies can absorb ingredients more efficiently through the mouth. This process is called sublingual and buccal absorption.

Our product is manufactured under a patented process that allows for maximum bioavailability and the formula has be scientifically shown to not only boost energy, but also enhance cognitive function to allow for better clarity and focus!

Wicked Energy Gum is currently available on and we plan a retail rollout over the coming months! If your favorite retailer is not carrying Wicked Energy Gum, please have them contact us through our website!

Keep up with our news posts, as Wicked Cushion will be introducing a "Brand Ambassador" program over the coming months that will allow a select few to represent our brands including Wicked Energy Gum, as a way to earn some extra income!

For more information about Wicked Energy Gum please go to:

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