OneIX Design Shop Join the Wicked Cushion Motorsports Platform

New York, NY (February 6, 2019) - Wicked Cushion, LLC announced today that it has partnered with the OneIX Design Shop of Paradise, Indiana to provide design and graphic services for the motorsports and e-sports communities. Through the Wicked Cushion platform, drivers, team, leagues and race track can now get excellent design services along with the exposure that comes from working with Wicked Cushion. 

“We are very excited to be adding OneIX Design Shop to the Wicked Cushion family,” said Matthew Henninger, founder of Wicked Cushion. “We have been working on many so projects together that it only made sense to find a way to make Drew and his business a part of Wicked Cushion. We are really excited to be able to offer these services to the teams, drivers, leagues and track utilizing the Wicked Cushion platform.”

The OneIX Design Shop was founded by Drew Neel.  Drew, who has been around racing for 30+ years, giving him first hand witness to the way cars have evolved and the ways in which the graphic design of the cars have changed and developed. Drew has degrees in Ancient Greek and Roman History as well as English from the University of Southern Indiana and is responsible for the art work and design of graphics for race cars and other type of vehicles as well as the overall design of a given project.    In addition to graphic design for racing cars, OneIX Design also designs posters, informational cards, and business flyers. 

“I am really honored to be a part of what Wicked Cushion is building for not jus the motorsports community, but also the eSports community,” Neel said. “We met Matthew and Wicked Cushion through iRacing and are really happy to be part of an innovator in the space. I have to say that it is really meaningful for our work to have been recognized in such a dramatic way.”

About Wicked Cushion

New York City based Wicked Cushion is a cross-aspect marketing platform and whose goal is to promote all forms of dirt track racing while helping to support the drivers, leagues, and facilities that work so hard to entertain race fans. The Wicked Cushion platform works to introduce innovative products, brands and companies to dirt track racing and the overlooked value of dirt track Motorsports and eSports.

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