Team Cedi is a competitive virtual motorsports racing team that competes on the iRacing platform.  iRacing allows competitors from all over the world to compete in sanctioned and unsanctioned  races in various race formats.  Drivers can compete in cars on the exact race circuits where their real life counterparts compete.  The circuits have been laser scanned and are very detailed down the the last bump, elevation change and surface wear.  For more information go to


Team Cedi competes in various dirt oval 410 and 360 winged sprint car series. You can find Team Cedi drivers racing against the top drivers in iRacing Sprint Cars and iconic tracks such as Williams Grover Speedway, Knoxville Speedway, Eldora Speedway and other dirt ovals around the United States.  Team Cedi participates in races that are broadcasted live by Ultimate Dirt TV.  To watch all Team Cedi drivers race live or to watch re-plays, go to

for more information please go to:

Mike Keegan: TCRMK
Zane Scott  TCRZS
Janson Nygarn:  TCRJN

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